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Top 10 Boat Hire Tips Ibiza

Renting a boat in ibiza for the first time can be trivial, so let us answer some questions for you. If you have a boating license and are experiencing boat hire in ibiza for the first time, these tips may help you before setting sail.

1. No boating license? No problem. Rent a boat with a captain. If you are a newbie boater, you can still have a boating experience that’s tailor-made for you and your crew. Leave the group tour boats behind and book your boat rental with a captain from our range of charter boats. No experience needed. Just kick back, relax and enjoy the day! 

2. Can i hire a boat that can hold all of my family? Yes of course, we have motor boats from 5 meters that can hold from 5 people, and then a variety of boats up to 8 meters in length that can carry up to 11 people! So don't worry, we have you and your family covered.

3. Safety First Always! If you hold a boating license and will be cruising solo, be sure to remember that all safety equipment should be confirmed to be onboard and in working order before setting sail. All boating regulations should be carefully followed and alcohol should never be consumed by anyone operating a boat. If you require any more information of safety before your departure then don't worry, our team can advise you and provide you with all the information you need. 

4. Shoes off, por favour It sounds like a trivial request to the non-boater; but soles scuff clean boats. The best way to show your lack of boating chops…get on the boat with shoes!

5. Jump In Jump in the ocean! Yes thats right! Cruising around the local coasts of Ibiza during your boat rental is awesome but take some time to immerse yourself in those tranquil salty waters and you’re boating fun goes to next level status, oh and don't forget your snorkel! 

6. Protect yourself from the sun! The sun is more powerful as it is reflected on the water, especially in July/August months, and no one wants to be sore or to suffer with sun stroke for the duration of their holiday. Hats and plenty of sunscreen are key. 

7.  Navigating your boat trip  Our friendly staff will have a map ready for your departure, and they will be ready to answer any questions you have about navigating Ibiza's picturesque coastlines.  

8. Which vessel type should i choose? Obviously the choice of your boat depends completely on your wishes and preferences. Hang loose Ibiza includes the following vessel types:

  • Sailing boats - Entertainment, sport and relax and the same time.
  • Catamarans - Great stability and very comfortable, fast sailing.
  • Motor boats - For speed sailing enthusiast. 
  • Yachts - Luxury and comfortable. 

9.   Children on board There aren't any age limits to enjoy a sailing experience. Along as the parents are able to monitor the children closely whilst they are on board. Life jackets will be provided. It's such a great experience for children to start living the sea life from a young age, be sure to take a waterproof camera to record those special memories.

10. Take time to enjoy the sunset  Chill out, put your feet up, cruise along and plan your day around “saying goodbye” to the sun. fter all, Ibiza offers one of the best sunsets in the  world!